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Health Statistic ~ Helse Statistikk


Our litters from 1990 - 2021  Celebrating 31 years as breeders!

Z2 Groenendael BIS2 NUCH GCH NW-16 DKjr.W-15 Play Girl av Vikholmen 26.12.2020 2 m  + 4 f
NUCH DKCH NW-18 Nadjarah's Lobo

Y2 Groenendael BISS NCH DKCH Nordic W-18 NjrW-17 Ger.jr.W-17                    Secret Spell av Vikholmen 23.10.2020 5 m  + 3 f
NUCH Sabotage de la Terre Sauvage

X2 Groenendael KORAD SW CH NWIII SPH1 RLD F SW Wild Track CH
Chatmar Iceman
27.04.2020 3m  + 0f

One In a Million av Vikholmen

W2 Collie NUCH Fridens Brown Sugar 11.06.2019 1m + 3f

Seabounds Lady Rose

V2 Groenendael NUCH Sabotage de La Terre Sauvage 29.05.2018 5m + 1f

NUCH VDHCH NW-16 DKjrW-15 Play Girl av Vikholmen

U2 Collie NUCH DKCH Gatefields From This Moment On 16.09.2017 3m + 3f

Alzonne av Icelott

T2 Groenendael CIB CIE SE & EE Ch NordicJr.W-15 Nordic Winner-15 Helsinki JW-15 Estonian JrCH SEW-2016 HWT IHT  Apollo de Bruine Buck 11.04.2017 4m + 3f

C.I.E. NUCH Belarus Champion Love Love Love av Vikholmen

S2 Groen/Tervueren C.I.E. INTCH Lux.CH DKBCH GerClubCH DKBJr.CH ER LeipzigW-15 Fed.W15 ThuringiaW15 Montego Blue vom Egelschûtz 19.05.2016 2m + 3f

C.I.E INTCH NOCH DKCH JWW-10 - DKW-11,15 NW-11 NW- 13 Nordic W11 Helsinki W-13 - Finnish W-13  Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

R2 Groenendael SPANISH CH BISS Besos de D'Artamas 14.12.2015 4m + 3f

MED W15  EUR jrW-13 LISBW-13 PortoW-14-15 POR GRAND.CH       BISS Iberic CH  CzechCH SPCH Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen

Q2 Groenendael NUCH DKCH GCH R.H BISS Neo 13.02.2015 3m + 2f
NUCH NBFKW-12 BISP Girl Power av Vikholmen

P2 Groen/Tervueren Cute Black Cannibal zKovarny 02.10.2014 4m + 3f
C.I.E. NUCH DKCH JWW-2010 DKW-11 NW-11 Nordic W-11 DKW-15 BISS Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

O2 Groenendael INT CH Apache de la Douce Plaine 20.04.2014 3m + 3f
INT Ch NUCH DKCH NV-07 SV-07,-09 FinV-09  A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

N2 Collie Zeus Black Magic Av Vikholmen 16.06.2013 1m + 0f
Ysatis de Givenchy av Vikholmen
M2 Groenendael NUCH DKCH NW-10 BISS Luavjans Bono The One 28.04.2013 5m + 2f
NT Ch NUCH DKCH NV-07 SV-07,-09 FinV-09 BISS A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

L2 Groenendael NUCH DKCH GER CH BISS R.H. Neo 14.04.2013 4m + 5f
NUCH DKCH NORDV-12 French Touch du Bois du Tôt

K2 Groen/Tervueren SR.sE IrCh LuxCh NedCh BISS CW-10,-11 AnCh 10 Revloch Zidane 01.10.2012 5m + 2f
C.I.E. NUCH DKCH JWW-2010 DKW-11 NW-11 Nordic W-11 DKW-15 BISS Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

J2 Groenendael Int.Ch VDH Ch YAmW-05 EuropaJW-06 RS-07 DKBS W-07,-08,-09         Chuck von der Feldstiege 14.01.2012 4m + 4f
INT Ch NUCH DKCH NV-07 SV-07,-09 FinV-09  A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

I2 Collie NUCH Lynmead Let's Go Black 12.08.2011 6m + 0
Ysatis de Givenchy av Vikholmen

H2 Collie NUCH JunCh H Koakoi Terry-Tramp 16.02.2011 1m + 3f
NUCH Steadwyn Fashions Black Witch

G2 Groenendael NUCH NW-09 Xantos du Baton du Tiroir 07.02.2011 4m + 2f
INT Ch NUCH DKCH NV-07 SV-07,-09 FinV-09  A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

F2 Collie Zeus Black Magic Av Vikholmen 19.04.2010 3m + 3f
Sunresc Lace Back To Fame

E2 Collie NUCH JunCh H Koakoi Terry-Tramp 20.07 2009 1m + 5f
Sunresc Lace Back To Fame

D2 Groenendael NLClub W-07 Victory de Condivicnum 09.06 2009 4m + 3f
INT Ch Nuch DkCH NV-07 SV-07,-09 FinV-09  A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

C2 Collie DjCh. Camaro Rock n'Roll 17.04 2009 4m + 5f
Lundecock's Too Smart To Handle

B2 Groenendael NUCH DKCH  R.H  Neo 17.08 2008 3m + 4f
Vera Venyamin Av Vikholmen

A2 Collie IntCh Nuch Dkch KbhV-07 Wakan Tanka Chevelle of Castelcourt 27.04 2008 1m+ 2f
NUCH Steadwyn Fashion's Black Witch


Our litters from 1990- 2007

Z1 Collie Nord JV-06 Crubow's Creedence  in Black 11.12 2007 5t + 2h
Lundecock's Too Smart To Handle

Y1 Collie Nuch Lundecock's Easy Come Easy Go 09.06 2007 1t + 1h
NCH Steadwyn Fashion's Black Witch

X1 Collie Nord JV-06 Crubow's Creedence in Black 30.03 2007 2t + 1h
Lundecock's Too Smart To Handle

W1 Groenendael Hexen House Narahn 26.02 2006 3t+4h
Obsession Sweet Made av Vikholmen

V1 Groenendael Hexen House Narahn 23.11 2005 3t+1h
Eternitys Qarismah

U1 Terv/Groen Hexen House Narahn 12.06 2005 3t+4h
Naomi James Dame av Vikholmen

T1 Groenendael Nuch PlCh.JCh.Po JW-Po-98  Orion-JEREZ Fan Jo-Bo's Hiem 19.07 2004 2t+2h
Kanja Keiserinne av Vikholmen

S1 Tervueren Nuch s.r. p.E. Fakaisers Yorry D'Yavo 14.07 2004 4t+2h
Ninja Avoir La Vue av Vikholmen

R1 Groenendael Hexen House Narahn 25.06 2004 2t+2h
Mademoiselle Mikane av Vikholmen

Q1 Groenendael Nuch PlCh.JCh.Po JW-Po-98  Orion-Jerez Fan Jo-Bo's Hiem 24.11 2003 1t
Kanja Keiserinne av Vikholmen

P1 Tervueren Hexen House Narahn 01.09 2003 5t+3h
Naomi James Dame av Vikholmen

O1 Groenendael Nuch Falcon av Vikholmen 17.02 2002 1t+2h
Madame Kita Made av Vikholmen

N1 Tervueren Nuch Hexen House Boromir 09.02 2000 3t
Nuch Beta Bonnie av Vikholmen

M1 Groenendael Fakaiser's Janus d'Jouter 26.10 1998 3t+2h
Happy Lady av Vikholmen

L1 Tervueren Nuch Finca Dellies Eager Fuego 26.09 1998 4t+2h
Gracie Grevinne av Vikholmen

K1 Groenendael Dch Nuch S.r. NV -97 NV-98 Sv-98 Fakaisers Emir d'Enrage 09.05 1998 8t+1h
Nuch Aditi av Vikholmen

J1 Groenendael Sabakos Røvern 29.01 1997 3t+4h
Nuch Aditi av Vikholmen

I1 Tervueren Nuch NV 92- NV-94 Tervuerenhusets Rebell of Mira 02.02 1996 6t+2h
Nuch Beta Bonnie av Vikholmen

H1 Groenendael Oud Sabbinge Lambert v.Krack 23.10 1995 3t+4h
Nuch Aditi av Vikholmen

G1 Tervueren Jalus E Evening Star 13.09 1994 3t+5h
Rainbows Ends Flying High

F1 Groenendael Dasgeda Feel the Force 09.07 1994 4t+4h
Black Hawkwind H-Vickie

E1  Tervueren   Jalus E Evening Star 15.11 1993 4t+5h
Nuch Beta Bonnie av Vikholmen

D1 Tervueren Korad INT CH NS Lch NS El CH NBCH Wirwelwinds Rampen Ross 10.08  1993 7t+2h
Rainbows Ends Flying High

C1 Groenendael  Sabakos Banditt 22.06 1992 4t+3h
Black Hawkwind H-Vickie

B1  Tervueren    Nuch Timberhall Aston Martin 02.07 1991 9t+1h
Rainbows Ends Flying High

A1 Groenendael Mustanaamion Toti 20.03 1990 3t+3h
Black Hawkwind's H-Vickie


Critique from Pauline Stern-Hanf for our breeders group at the special show in 2013:

Beautiful group.

This group shows real Belgians with substance and elegance,

the two things that makes a Belgian

All the dogs have beautiful proportions heads, real Belgian expressions,

bodies with substance that working dogs

should have. Excellent bones, and they all look ready for action.

Big compliments !

Kennel Vikholmen: BIS breeder !!!