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NBFK top Groenendael all shows 2018

NKK Top Groenendael at show 2018


Norwegian Champion

Danish Champion

Norwegian jr Winner 2017

Nordic Winner 2018

German jr Winner 2017 + 2 x VDHjr.CAC

Secret Spell av Vikholmen - Mia

Born: 19.05.2016

Hips B - Elbows 00

owner: Vikholmen - and lives with us :-)


C.I.E. INT.CH Lux.CH German CH GerClub CH German Jr.CH ER LeipzigW-15 ThuringiaW-15 FederalW-15 Thuringia YouthW-13

Montego Blue vom Egelschûtz

 E.R. 63,5cm

HD AA - ED 00 - Eyes Clear



Fledder di Scottatura - HD A


Domburg in Demand HD A

Zefrelli van de hoge Laer HD A
Domburg Reve d'Amour
s.r. p.E

Avril di Scottatura - HD A

Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule HD A
Vismey di Scottatura HD A

Kessy vom Egelschutz HD A

Blackwater Blue Ocean Roi-de Perse de condivicnum HD A - ED 0
Blackwater's Power Play HD A ED 0
Fenja vom Egelschutz HD A Ylan van de Hoge Laer
Dunja vom Egelschutz  - HD A
 C.I.E. INTCH NUCH DKCH JWW-2010 DKW-11 NW-11 Nordic W-11 BISS x 5 Crufts qualified 2012-2014 2.best at Crufts 2013

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen 61,5cm

HD AA - ED 00 - Eyes Clear

N.E.Club Winner -07

Victory De Condivicnum HD AA

Dutch Lux Fr Ger Champion Elite A Bundessieger-04 S.r.

Bentho ibn Greco de Bruine Buck 

r.e. Greco de la Grande Lande HD AA
Elite A R.e.  Kim de Bruine Buck
S.r. Palmyre de la Tangi Morgane  Elite A Master-Blaster de Condivicnum
S.r. Linka des Corons d'Ancenis
Nuch Dkch NBFK W-08 KBHV-08  SV-07 NV-07 SV-09 FINV-09

A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

HD AA ED 00 - Eyes Clear

Holl CH. p.E

Brendo De Bruine Buck HD AA

s.r. CH  Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule HD AA
Elite B Ginger de Bruine Buck HD AB
BISS  SV-05 SV-06

A-Te-Ell's Madame Sibelle HD AA ED 00

NUch DKUch s.r. LP POLch POLW-00 EUW-00 EUjW-99 Greco Comme un Reve Noir HD AA
s.r. RA Bsg-00 Chili van't Belgisch Schoon HD AA

Pictures All About

Mia is a special girl, she is a very happy and giving girl. She loves her toys and loves to work.

She has a very good language with other animals

Secret Spell (Mia) - Best in Show NBFK Stavanger - Pandoras Pearl d'Erodur BIS2

judge Emanuele Boriero

Secret Spell BOB and CACIB NKK Stavanger

Mias daddy - Montego Blue :-)

From the WDS and German Winner show in Leipzig

Secret Spell was German Jr.Winner - and daddy Montego was World Winner 2017 !!!

Strolling the streets of Leipzig :-)

Mia two years





Mia 9 mnd 

Mia and her mother Dustin (8 years)

Mia 7 mnd

Mia 8 weeks