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Hello - and welcome to our site about the Belgian shepherd and Collie Rough!

We are a family of three - Ada (myself), Even (my husband) and our beautiful daughter, Elisabeth who was born in 1997.

At the moment, we have two dogs at home, two Groenendaels. We also have two Shteland Sheepdogs in co-ownership with our daughter and her boyfriend who she lives with.

 We have several dogs in co-ownership, and without these wonderful families, we could not have been as successful as we are, or breed like we do. Good cooperation are the key to many things :-) So thank you so much - to all of you that own a dog with us  - we are so grateful :-)

We live in Bergen, Norway, and it is not as central as we could wish when it comes to dogs, but we really love our city :-) We have been breeders of Tervueren and Groenendael under the prefix "Vikholmen" since 1989. We co-operate closely with  "Cordelia" (Collies) We do this partly because we can import more good dogs from interesting lines both on the Belgians and on the Collie than we could have done alone. The fact that they are very good friends of us also makes it all the more fun :-)

We got our first Groenendael in 1987 (Black Hawkwind's H-Vickie) ,and Tervueren (Rainbows End's Flying High) came in 1989, and the lovely rough Collie Nuch Lancetta's Fantastic Blue Heidi in 1999.

We have several Honour Prize and BIS in Breeding - both Collie and Groenendael

Frognerparken 2008   

    Her sover Even og Yatzie

Pictures of our house and garden

At our house the dogs are considered real family members, and they get very spoiled..... They are in our bed and sofa -and I have to say - We love it :-) - We try to raise our puppies in the same manner - except they aren't allowed to go in the bed.... In our opinion the puppies are supposed to grow up inside the house as the rest of our dogs - because of this we don't have any dog yards.

I am educated as a NKK instructor in obedience and Agility

I have been in the board of  Norwegian Belgian Shepherd Club (avd. Hordaland),  with several duties for many years (17) - and also on the board of the Norwegian Collieclubb .(avd Vestlandet). For many years I was President of breeding commitee at the main club NBFK in Norway. Now I am at the board in the Norwegian Kennel Klub - region Hordaland

I have attended a lot of seminars and classes that the Norwegian Kennel Klub has offered in genetics, breeding and how to understand the dog and genetics....I love to educate myself - and in my opinion I am never finished with my education in dogs :-) There are always something new to learn, and it is wise to listen to people that knows more than I do. I read a lot about dogs, and it is also very exciting to see what happens in the world when it comes to dogs and genetics

I am a Special Nurse (reg. Operationg room Nurse) , and has worked for many years at the main hospital in Bergen; Haukeland University Hospital as that, from 2020 I became Head of Health department at Sandsli. Our breeding is very important to us and we use most of our free time with the dogs. I always want to keep more puppies, but since I am of the opinion that each and every dog of ours has a right to a rich life, we only have three dogs at home.

All my life I have had a dog, and I can't live without one I think... The walks in the forest gives me much peace of mind,. I am training tracking with our Groenendael - and Yatzie gained the title Wild Game Champion some years ago - very proud of her and me :-) and earlier I did a bit of Agility with our Collie. Dog shows take a lot of time also - so we are often to see in shows around the country

In our breeding we set focus on stabile dogs with good temperament. They have to function well in a family and be healthy. If we are so lucky that our puppies are beautiful as well - then we have achieved our top goal :-)  We only breed on excellent dogs that are good representatives for their breed

All in all we do our best that all of these thing are fulfilled in our puppies :-)










This is me and my first dog (Katinka) Mayonly Silver Sweet and Gentle in 1979

Silver Poodle Standard


What to expect when you buy a puppy from us?

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