The Christmas special show today: Dustin Dream av Vikholmen BOB and BIS 2,

and she was also BIS veteran. Juhuuuu Yatzie,s grand daughter Nadjarahs Mirri Ch today and BIS,


Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen, 3rd best female.

Secret Spell av Vikholmen, 4th best champion with exxellent.

V for Vesta av Vikholmen 4th best puppy female with HP.

Super show,well done to the show comitee.

Judges was Margareth Pratton and Jan Ralph

thank you so much Laila Greve Svendsen for all your help this weekend.

1-Nadjara's Mirri, 2-Dustin Dream av Vikholmen, 3-Revloch Yesterday and 4-Pandoras Pearl d'Eroudur


Christmas show Stavanger:

V for Vesta av Vikholmen 3rd best puppy with Honour Price,

INT Ch Dustin Dream av Vikholmen 2nd in vet.class and

CH Secret Spell av Vikholmen 3rd i Ch class with res. CC.

Congratulations to all winners


New photos of some of the "V for" kids

Viking, Vesta, Vendetta og Vandal


Norwegian winner show today : CH Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen 2best bitch CACIB

CH Movie Star av Vikholmen 3rd best CH. Class.

CH Secret Spell av Vikholmen exc and needs more training.... Said the judge lol...

CH Dustin Dream av Vikholmen 2.nd best veteran. Congratulations to all winners, lovely weekend

And thank you, my lovely daughter, for helping and handling as great as you do - love you :-)


Nordic Winner show LillestrÝm :Secret Spell av Vikholmen BOB Nordic winner 18 and nordic CAC

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen BOB veteran, Nordic vet. Winner and BB4 juhuuuu

CH Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen Exc and 3rd best in CH class

judge Rob Douma


Congratulations to Sari Kestilš with her Tin Man av Vikholmen who was BOB with Nord CAC

Jyvšskylš Nord Dog Show judge Elina Haapaniemi


Secret Spell's dad (Montego Blue vom Egelshutz) has got some new titles - we are so

happy for him and his owner Doris Herkenhoff :-) and today he passed his

Companion Dog Exam  (BH) by being the best dog of the day :-)


New pictures of CH Movie Star av Vikholmen


We welcome our new girl: Hawsflight Perfect Style!

Thank you so much Nicky for letting us have her!

 V for Victory av Vikholmen - new pictures :-)


Power Play av Vikholmen (HellY) did gooood in Canada :-)

He got Instinct title, Novice title and a first Q in open :-)

Congratulations to Line Roberge!


What an amazing weekend!!

It started Saturday with the Special show for Belgians in Stavanger Judge was the nice Emanuele Boriero

Secret Spell av Vikholmen BOB CAC and Best in Show!!! With this she also became Norwegian and Danish Champion

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen at 9 years: exc CC BOB vet and BIS 2veteran  - She was also 3rd best female at the show.

It was just so super :-) Very happy with my two girls, they are just the best girls in the world :-)

My travel companions, Kjersti and Silje-Veronica was just perfect also, without them I could not have travveled at all.

Thank you for all your help :-)

And Sunday at the NKK INT show it was raining cats and dogs...... phu- Just had entered Secret Spell, and

she did go all the way today also.. Exc, CC and CACIB and BOB !!! wow - VERY happy!


Congratulations to Cath Bond with her Niavana Miss Moneypenny at Chatmar

(Ch Jeu De Vie De Terre Sauvage at Niavana x One Moment In Time Av Vikholmen at Niavana)

won the Reserve CC under Breed Judge Kris Malinowski, to add to her 1CC and 2 Reserve CC Ďs

and her CSAU/TAN and s.r from France.  !


CONGRATULATIONS !!!! to Kathryn Winto and Babs Robinson with their Mirribandi Roulette

She was 1st Open Bitch, CAC at the French Specialty (N.E) !!!!!

Mirribandi Roulette "Bailey" owned by Babs Robinson (UK)  Bailey is from

Mirribandi R4 litter from Koko and Marvel.: -(Ch Love Song Av Vikholmen HT x Ch Mirribandi Merveilleux HT CAX RN)


CH Movie Star av Vikholmen was BOB with CACIB at the INT show in Lillehammer

Congratulations to Connie!!!


Congratulations to anna Mann and her Joy Ride av Vikholmen who was

BOB with Nordic CAC in SKK Sweden yesterday ;.)


New photos of the puppies :-) - in their own pages :-)


All the puppies has got their own pages :-)

They have been to the veterinarian, and all 6 puppies were perfect :-)

All 5 males with 2 testicles, all bites scissor - and everything else ok :-)

Very happy with them!


New pictures of Secret Spell (Mia) av Vikholmen :-)


New pictures of the puppies :-)

We have some lovely males available - they already have

their testicles down and have a wonderful temperament :-)

And Congratulations again to Sari Kestila Today Oulu Int Dog Show

judge Andrzej Stepinski: Tin Man av Vikholmen exc -2nd Best Male and CAC !


New pictures of the puppies :-)

Joy Ride av Vikholmen (Sookie) BOB at Afta Halsinglands CK - Congratulations to Anna Mann :-)


At the Finnish Specialty today. 84 Groenendael. judge Hana PisarčŪkovŠ :Tin Man av Vikholmen (Ringo)

:5th Best Male. Cac. Best Junior male and BOS junior 😍 congratulations to Sari Kestilš


New pictures on our beautiful V2 puppies - and the names are chosen :-)

They are growing fast, and are enjoying their life :-)


The puppies are doing fine!

We have available males, and we are also looking for a co-owner for our princess :-)

The grow so fast and are getting fat :-)

Pippa is calm and sweet with her puppies :-) We are so lucky :-)


The puppies are born!!!

Pippa was such a good girl, and did it all almost herself :-) The perfect mum, as we knew she would be.

6 puppies born, and we got 5 boys and one princess :-) All very black :-)

They are so big and healthy, and Pippa has lots of milk to her children.


We expect puppies sooooon !!!!! Play Girl (Pippa) is getting big and are looking forward to meeting her puppies :-)


Happy birthday to Sabotage de la Terre Sauvage! 3 years old today!!!


News from USA: Secret Scandal av Vikholmen was Best of Winners at the Scott County KC,

Davenport (Iowa), for a  four-point major and then he gained his US-Champion title!

Congratulations to Susan and Roxanne :-)


Our three days showing in Roskilde, Denmark has come to an end, and with great results for our two girls.

Day 3: INT CACIB show Judge : Hans van den Berg

Today Dustin Dream av Vikholmen was BOS with exc - CC - CACIB 

Secret Spell av Vikholmen was 2best female with excellent - CC - Danish CAC and res. CACIB.

Day 2 INT CACIB show: Judge  Rob Douma :

Secret Spell av Vikholmen :exc, CAC, CACIB and BOB!

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen :exc, CC, res CACIB and 2nd best female

Day 1 NORDIC Show: Judge:

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen: Exc - CC - Nordic CAC - BOB

Secret Spell av Vikholmen: Exc - CC - CAC - 3rd best female

Elisabeth has been such a great handler, could not have done it without you    <3


We congratulate our Grand old Lady with her 12th birthday :-) - Love you Yatzie!


Congratulations to Susan and Roxanne with their Secret Scandal av Vikholmen that won open class at the Belgian celebration Special show  :-)

Kon Tiki av Vikholmen was 3rd in the class, congratulations to Cindy !

The Viking was lucky enough to meet a brother and a half brother at the same show

Kon Tiki av Vikholmen also got his first AKC Novice A obidience leg with a second in class and a 188.

He also got his first Beginner Novice A leg with a first in class and a 194. Congratulations to Cindy for all the great work you do with him :-)


NKK Bergen:

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen was at a Nordic Show today and got her first Nordic CAC - BOB - and BOG4 !!!!



Sadly no puppies after Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen :-(

We were lucky, and Play Girl av Vikholmen was in heat just in the right time, so that we

could mate her with Sabotage de La Terre Sauvage, since Madonna once again turned out to

be empty. We have had love in the air and a succsessful mating with the two !!!!

Have a look at our "planned litter page" :-) So now we are happy agian :-)

We will not try again with Madonna, since we have tried twice without any puppies from her.


LOTS of Healt news !!!!!

Secret Spell av Vikholmen: Hips B  Elbows 00

Secret Stranger av Vikholmen: Hips A - Elbows 00

River Dance av Vikholmen: Hips AB - Elbows 00

And puppies after Mission Impossible av Vikholmen - and Kvinas Hit hard By Magic:

Nadjarahs Lobo: Hips A Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Ladonna: Hips B Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Lush: 3:4 (Free)

Nadjarahs Link: Hips A Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Lady Sansa: Hips B Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Legendary Leela: Hips A Elbows 00


Puppies from Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen: (and Grimmendans Nayko)

Nadjarahs Myrcella: Hips A Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Marey: Hips A Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Myranda: Hips A Elbows 00

Nadjarahs Mirri: Hips B Elbows 00


Rebellion av Vikholmen - Free hips B and Elbows 00 :-)

New photos of him also

New photos of Twister av Vikholmen (Lotte)

So happy for "Twister av Vikholmen" (Lotte) first show as a junior :-) NHHK judge: Colette Maldoon

with a lovely critique: Lovely breed type, lovely head and ears. Good front, shoulders. topline and tail.

Lovely lenght of hock. Excellent - CC and res. CAC 2nd.best female.

Congratulations to Elsa and BjÝrn Tore :-)


Puppy news!!! We hope for puppies in the middle of April :-)

Cross fingers!

New photos of Justin Time av Vikholmen


Health News :-)

Romeo Romeo av Vikholmen Hips Free (B) and Elbows  00 :-)  So happy for Tarja  Hellberg!

New photos of Return To Sender av Vikholmen

New photos of Kind Feelings av Vikholmen

New photos of Play My Game av Vikholmen

Some new photos of Secret Spell av Vikholmen


So happy for Susan M Manier with her Secret Scandal av Vikholmen

Showing in the USA, he was twice BOB this weekend  at the

Winnegamie Dogshow, Oshkosh (WI)  With this, he has ten 1 points

and three 3 points majors towards his champion title :-)

Congratulations Susan and Roxanne :-)

Painting of Power Play av Vikholmen


Love Love Love av Vikholmen Kajaani Int Dog Show Finland judge Eberhardt Jochen,

she got:  Excellent  - BOS CACIB and with this, she now get the title C.I.E !! Juhuu, Congratulations to Sari!!!