FCI Champion


Power Play av Vikholmen

Born 02.10.2014

Owner: Line Roberge - Canada


 Cute Black Cannibal z Kovarny
Hips AA - Elbows 00 - Eyes Clear 2012

HD AA - ED 00 - Eyes Clear

s.r. VIOLET-LE-DUC de la Foret d'Olifan
Groenendael, HD AA
R.E. RIK de Condivicnum
s.r. NAOS de Condivicnum
Tervueren, Fauve, HD A
R.e. FETEN de Condivicnum
Groenendael,  HD A
R.e. NEIGE de la Foret d'Olifan
JORDAN de Tiboulen de Maire
s.r. Ch. HOLIFANE de Kénatier
Groenendael,  HD A
Tervueren, Fauve, HD AA- ED 0/0
p.E. JUVELL ORNA van Moned
Tervueren, Fauve, HD AA
p.E. NASH du Bois du Tót
Tervueren, Fauve, HD A
p.E. ORPHEE van de Schagerwaard
Tervueren, Fauve, HD B)
  s.r. s. T.s. Int.Ch. UNIQUE ELEANOR z Kovárny Tervueren,  HD AA - ED 0/0  R.E. Ch. GOUROU du Crépuscule des Loups
Tervueren, Fauve, OFA Excellent (HD A), ED 0/0)
 Ch. ELEANOR z Kovárny
Tervueren, Fauve, HD C - ED 0/0
 C.I.E. INTCH NUCH DKCH JWW-2010 DKW-11 NW-11 Nordic W-11 BISS x 5 Crufts qualified 2012-2014 2.best at Crufts 2013
Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

HD AA - ED 00 - Eyes Clear


N.E.Club Winner -07 Victory De Condivicnum HD AA

Dutch Lux Fr Ger Champion Elite A Bundessieger-04 S.r. Bentho ibn Greco de Bruine Buck  r.e. Greco de la Grande Lande HD AA
Elite A R.e.  Kim de Bruine Buck
S.r. Palmyre de la Tangi Morgane  Elite A Master-Blaster de Condivicnum
S.r. Linka des Corons d'Ancenis
Nuch Dkch NBFK W-08 KBHV-08  SV-07 NV-07 SV-09 FINV-09

A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

HD AA ED 00 - Eyes Clear

 Holl CH. p.E Brendo De Bruine Buck HD AA s.r. CH 
Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule HD AA
Elite B Ginger de Bruine Buck HD AB
BISS  SV-05 SV-06 A-Te-Ell's Madame Sibelle HD AA ED 00 NUch DKUch s.r. LP POLch POLW-00
EUW-00 EUjW-99
Greco Comme un Reve Noir HD AA
s.r. RA Bsg-00
Chili van't Belgisch Schoon HD AA



11.09.2016 FCI show CA - Excellent - CAC - FCI CHAMPION!!!
10.09.2016 FCI show CA - Excellent - CAC - BOB - BIG2
09.09.2016 FCI Show CA Excellent - CAC
K9 Sprts Fest. Barn and Brush - 2 x best time all breeds and Novice title
20.09.2015 . 3 x Best Puppy in Breed, 2x Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Reserve Winners last 6 points awarded (10 for championship)
12.09.2015  (Helly) got his FCC Junior Champion
He received the rating excellent from 4 judges and a lot of positive comments.
He won 2 X BOB and 1 X BPGJudges came from Italy, Ireland, Austria and Porto Rico.
 15.08.2015 Male Winner and Best Opposite Sex. He got his major for his championship title.



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