We hope for puppies from NCH DKCH GCH BISS Neo

and NCH NBFKW-12 BISSP Girl Power av Vikholmen in February 2015 :-)


Now it's quiet in the house again - all the puppies have left for their new homes.

I have been a bit late on updating the web page, but there is some more pictures

of the puppies at 7 weeks :-)

And all the puppies have got their own page now - :-)

We wish all the new owerns a happy life with their new Belgian :-)

Also some overdue health news:

Katahdin av Vikholmen: Hips: Good and Elbows : Normal

Kon Tiki av Vikholmen: Hips: Good and Elbows: Normal

Love Love Love av Vikholmen: Eyes: Clear - Hips: AA - Elbows 00/AA

Love Song av Vikholmen: Eyes Clear - Hips AA - Elbows 00/AA

So happy for such results :-) And Katahdin may be a father soon in the states :-)

And some new pictures of: One In a Million av Vikholmen and

One Day In Paradise av Vikholmen

Girl Power av Vikholmens son Cute Black Legend av Icelott was Norwegian Junior Winner 2014 !


Ned.CH p.E. S.E. Daring Devil av Vikholmen (Prada) was Best of Winners at the

Regional Speciality (5point major) for judge Linda McCarty  - Congratulations PAt :-)

Prada's daughter Keneya de la Terre Sauvage was Best of Winners

for a 4piont major at the DBSC special show !


New pictures of the puppies :-)

They are all doing very well and are thriving - playing outside for a bit today

and a lot of visitors - nice!


New pictures of the puppies :-) They have been outside a little bit today (before it started to rain again....)

And the Amazing Kali Krazy Kiss has a brand new title; Spanish Champion !

And she gained it with grace... Two times BOB and BIG 3 and BIG !!!!


New pictures of the puppies :-) They are now three weeks, and long out of the box :-)

They have so much fun together :-)

Today we took pictures out in the rain....

Not very nice weather...

And One In a Million av Vikholmen has been to her first show and was BOB !! juhuuu!!!

Congratulations to June and Anne-Lise :-)

Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen got a NEW title!!!! she is Czhech Champion also!!

Congratulations to Joao!!


New pictures of One More Kiss av Vikholmen

New pictures of the lovely babies :-)

They are all so nice and lively, We sit and admire them for hours :-)


Pictures of the puppies :-)

They are all so nice and fat - Just lovely. Dustin is doing a great job as a mummy



Tiny "Precious" died today, and we are so so sad for her. She tried her best,

but the struggle was to hard for her - we miss her .

She was very small at birth, only 144gr  - while he siblings was almost 500 gr

Her sisters and brothers are thriving, and we are happy for them

Elisabeths letter to the little one.


The puppies are born!!!

7 puppies came in to this world October 2nd - 4 boys and 3 girls :-)

There is 2 Terv boys - 1 Terv girl - 2 Groen boys and 2 Groen girls.

One of the Groenendael girls is very small, but we hope she will make it.


Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen was BOB @ Talavera International Dog show in Spain

under breed specialist Benoit Thevenon.

This is a Mandatory point for the Spanish Ch tittle

Congratulations to Joao Pedro Oliveira Martins !!!!!!


The magnificent Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen is in a winning streak BOB and BOG2 Saturday !!

Congratulations to Joao


Congratulations to Unn Salmo Pedersen with her Girl Power av Vikholmen who was BOB - CC today

 in Bergen - also shortlisted for group


Congratulations to Joao Pedro Oliveira Martins with Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen with another

CAC BOB and Best of Group in Gibraltar !!!!!

She is now also Gibraltar Champion - Amazing

She has collected quite a few titles in her show career: Europa jr.Winner-13 Lisboa Winner-13

Porto winner-14, Portoguese Champion, Iberic Champion 2014 and Gibraltar Champion

So proud of her :-)


We have been to the main  special show in Norway this weekend, and with great results :-)

It was a VERY rainy weekend, but we survied :-)

Saturday: Thomas Nallin
Sunday: Beata Štýbrová

Vikholmens results:

Breeders Class Saturday: BOB Hounour prize and BIS with:

Moulin Rouge - Matrix Revolution - Girl Power and Jackpot

Breeders Class Sunday: Honour prize 2.Best breeder with:

Moulin Rouge - Girl Power - Just Like Madonna - Jackpot

Matrix Revolutions av Vikholmen - Excellent Sunday - vg Saturday

Cute Black Cannibal zKovarny. Excellent second best male open class Saturday

and Excellent and third best open class male Sunday

Jackpot av Vikholmen. Excellent CC and winner of open class Saturday

Excellent and second best in open class Sunday  - Sunday - Obidience level 2 : 159 points !!

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen. Saturday: Excellent CC and winner of junior class - third best female and

BOB and BIS2 Junior -

Sunday: Excellent CC and winner of junior class - BOB junior and second best female with res.CAC

French Touch du Bois du Tot . Saturday: Excellent and third best in champion class

Sunday: Excellent and forth best in champion class - no CC at all

Girl Power av Vikholmen.:  Saturday: Excellent and fifth best in champion class.

Sunday: Second best in champion class CC and third best female

Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen. Only entered Sunday were she got Excellent 2nd best in open class and CC 6th best female

And LOTS of new photos! - and a new page EXPORTS :-)

Movie Star av Vikholmen

Love Poison av Vikholmen

One in a Million av Vikholmen

We also have a Collie bred by us who is looking for a new home, prefrably in Bergen.

Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen has AGAIN been at the podium in Portugal, she is just amazing!

She was BOB and BIG3 at the International show


Dustin is pregnant :-) Now we are looking so much forward to the new puppies :-)

This will be our P2-litter. And I have started to twist my brain for names .....


Ingrid and Talhlly got a first prize and won the class in Obidience level II - and are now ready for level III !

Congratulations !

Jackpot av Vikholmen and Ingrid :-)


My friend Jannike and I went to the National Elevage in Aubigny-sur-Nere

We had a great weekend, and met so many friends and had so many laughs that it will be hard to

beat this four days of joy :-) we also saw a LOT of dogs, both very nice and not so very nice :-)

Two days INT show in Portugal  - Estoril were Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen

was BOB both days and BIG2 - BIG3 !!

Congratulations to Joao and his team!

Group judge: Leif Herman Wilberg


At the World Winner Show in Finland Vikholmen had three dogs entered.

It was not the day for them, taste is a difficult thing :-)

Mission Impossible av Vikholmen got VG

Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen got Excellent

and Love Love Love av Vikholmen got Excellent - she was first placed first in the junior class,

but she had a lot of things to say that day, so she was pushed back to third place.


We hope for puppies October 4th :-) Dustin and Cute Black Cannibal has had their love affair :-)


Kon Tiki av Vikholmen was awarded Select dog at the Southern Alberta Regional Special show -

breed judge Dermott Young - Congratulation to Cindy Bazin in Canada :-)


The ever so amazing team of Joao and Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen did it again!

At the special show in Portugal (Monografica) she was BOB and BIS 2 ! The excellent judge was Pietro Bottagisio

At the CACIB dog Show she got CACIB and BOB under Mr Sean Delmar while at the Cac dog Show she got an Excellent



Cute Black Cannibal Z Kovarny was awarded CC - CAC - BOB and BIG 3 today! Congratulations to Anita


Love Love Love av Vikholmen was at the Oulu Int Dog Show and

won junior class and was 2nd Best Female with res-CAC!!! Congratulations to Sari . Judge Marja Talvitie.

Once again Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen takes a double She and Joao Martins won two times best of breed

 in Portugal and she has another title to her name: Lisboa winner 2014 !!!


Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen has been to four shows in Denmark in the last two weeks.

At all four shows (2 special shows and two Int DKK shows) she got CAC and was second best female !

Congratulations to kennel Nadjarah !

All puppies have new owners

New pictures in their individual pages of the puppies that are here with us until

they leave for their new homes :-)


Love Song av Vikholmen in Australia got her Champion title confirmed today !!

She also has a Herding Title, Congratulations to kennel Mirribandi!!


Our sweet Neo got his second German CAC today and also his second BOB with  Ursula Buchen




Love Love Love av Vikholmen was BOB with CAC in Finland today

Congratulations to Sari !


Our beloved Hexen House Narahn passed the rainbow bridge late tonight.

He got suddenly ill, and died peacefully at the veterinarian.

They said probably he died from som sort of cancer.

We miss you so much <3

Run free big guy!


New puppy pictures !!!!


Award of Merit - Judge Edeltraud Laurin
2014 BSDCC National Specialty Show
BIS MBPISS Grand CH Kon Tiki av Vikholmen AOM - "THE VIKING"

Love Love Love av Vikholmen at the Finnish special show: Excellent


Congratulations to Kathryn Winton with her Love Song Av Vikholmen.

Photos from the Junior In Group line up on Saturday at Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Championship Show 31st May 2014

under judge Mr T Syme (Vic). Koko won Best of Breed, and then BEST JUNIOR IN GROUP upon her return to

 the show ring after her big puppy coat drop.

She also won Best of Breed the following day 1st June under Mrs D Paterson (SA) -

a nice addition to her point tally which is fast approaching her Australian Championship title. Go Koko!


Very proud of all the Vikholmen "babies" this weekend:

at the Finnish Special show Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen was second best junior bitch with CC -

in Portugal Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen was BOB and last but not least:

Kon Tiki av Vikholmen attended the US special show in London, and got Award of Merits!

Congratulations to Linda Kristensen Eliassen, Joao Pedro Oliveira Martins and Cindy Bazin


Picture from the National in the US were Katahdin av Vikholmen got Award of Merits !


Icelott's Cute Love for Life BOB and BIS2 at puppyshow NDK

Jackpot av Vikholmen : excellent at the NDK show

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen BOs and CAC at the NDK show in May - her second CAC in a row!

Congratulations to Linda and Ronny at kennel Nadjarah!


One male  available from our O2-litter


New pictures of Kali and Joao in the ring :-)

At an INTshow in Madrid, Spain: Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen was BOB and BIG 2 !!

 Congratulations to Joao Pedro Oliveira Martins !!!

New pictures on Kennel Icelotts available puppies :-)

three weeks pictures of Yatzie x Apache puppies


Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen was BOB and BIG yesterday in Spain!!!

Congratulations to Joao !!

Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen was BOB at an unofficial show in Fredrikstad

Congratulations to Anita and Lars- Erik !!

Jackpot av Vikholmen got 2.place in Obidience level II and gold medal :-)

Congratulations to -Ingrid, I think you are super :-)

All results from Jackpot added his page


New pictures of the puppies - three weeks old :-)


Kathadin av Vikholmen got Award of Merits and invitations to Crufts at the US National !


Portugal - special show Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen

BOB and BIS 2 !! - Judge: Kelly Lawless

Portugal Internat. Show - judge Norman Deschumere - Kali was BOB and BOG 2!

Group judge: Jean Lawless


Katahdin av Vikholmen got his TD title (Tracking Dog) at the Terv National  !

Congratulations to Linda and Bob McCarthy


The puppies are born! 3 girls and 3 boys - all very black, fat and beautiful :-)


BOS and CC in Kista, Sweden : Mission Impossible av Vikholmen - Congratulations to Tarja Hellberg !

In the states takes Kathadin av Vikholmen BOB ! Congratulations to Linda and Annette the handler :-)


Special show in Bergen with Meike Krug as judge :-)

 A really great day !

BOB, CAC  AND BIS ! :  -  Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen

BIS 2 CHampion  2best bitch  : French Touch du Bois du Tot

3rd best bitch with CC : Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

BIS Junior and CAC : 4th best bitch:  Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen

2 best male with CAC: Jackpot av Vikholmen

And kennel Vikholmen was awarded BIS breeder :-)

Thank you Meike Krug for thinking so highly of our dogs :-)

Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen BIS !


NKK INT show in Bergen

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen: Excellent CAC and BOS ! only 11 months old

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen: Excellent CC CACIB and 2nd best bitch

Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen: Excellent CC res..CACIB and 3rd best bitch :-)

Jackpot av Vikholmen: Excellent CC, res. CACIB  and 2nd best male

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen: CAC and BOS !


Special show in Great Britain April show - judge Sophie Jouannet

Legacy av Vikholmen: BIS puppy !!

Congratulations to Dyllis and Gary Knight :-)

Legacy av Vikholmen :-)

Two more from the K2 litter did awesome today: Kon Tiki was BOB and took group one in Canada,

and Kali Krazy Kiss won BOB and BOG 2 in Portugal! What a day for these siblings


We are expecting puppies :-) Yatzie's belly is big and beautiful :-)


The Viking and one of his most recent Group placements at the Prince Albert Kennel Club show. (BIS MBPISS Gr Ch Kon Tiki av Vikholmen)


Kathadin av Vikholmen passes his certification - Congratulations Linda!


CRUFTS 2014 !

I flew to Amsterdam with Dustin - meeting Jannike and her two lovely children -

(and Pernille - brought along to company Dustin) then we were on our way to

Birmingham and Crufts :-) First Calais - The eurotunnel was super, so fast and easy - Loved it :-)

The trip was nice all the way - the hotell a history for it selves :-)

What an amazing weekend we had at Crufts. Never expected to run in the big ring, but what a rush it was !

So nice day in every way, Lots of great people and beautiful dogs.

Congratulations to all winners! sorry Joao Martins could not be there to see his girl

Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen take the BOB at the one and only Crufts.

Congratulations to Dyllis Knight  with her Legacy av Vikholmen who was 2best puppy

Dustin Dream av Vikhollmen was beaten by her daugther Kali this time, and was second in open class

And most important it was a GREAT day outside the ring also - so many nice people

Thank you all that has sent us greetings, I am overwhelmed  with gratitude.

Congratulations to Jannike who got BOB puppy with her Oh My Good av Ostretunet ! (mittelspitz)


Mr. Viking in the news again - (Kon Tiki av Vikholmen)


BIS MBPISS GCh Kon Tiki av Vikholmen

BIS MBPISS GCh Kon Tiki av Vikholmen

The Viking is starting his year off well! 2 more Group 1st.
Thank you Mark Houston-McMillan and Guy Jeavons!

Just 17 months old, Viking has a BIS, MBPISS, and multiple group wins under his belt. We're looking forward to seeing what this boy can do!

Owner Cindy Bazin

Breeder Ada Ekeland - Norway


at INT show Strängnäs  - Groenenendal
Excellent - BOB was the fabulous junior male Mission Impossible av Vikholmen. :-)


From Cindy Bazin :

Another amazing Breed win and Group One for The Viking (BiS MBPISS Gr Ch Kon Tiki av Vikholmen).

No love in the Best in Show ring. Unless you count the googoo eyes Viking was making at the

Great Dane in front of us ! Belgians ruled the herding group this weekend taking 6/6 Group Firsts.

4 for Easton and 2 for Viking! Go Belgians Go!


 Congratulations to Dyllis Knight and Legacy av Vikholmen

Show in Oxford CS, Sherpa won BOB and BPIB then he got GP 3  and Puppy GP 1  !


Updates on our puppieplans :-)

Congratulations to Kathryn Winton with her Love Song av Vikholmen who won Challenge Bitch and Best of Breed

at Clifton Show Society Championship Show on Saturday 15th February, under judge Mrs R Henderson. !


NUCH NBFK W-13 Girl Power av Vikholmen gave birth to 5 beautiful black babies January 31st

She got three boys and two girls. Proud father is Cute Black Cannibal z Kovarny

Still one girl and two boys available :-) This litter is born at Unn and kennel Icelott


In her last puppy show, Movie Star av Vikholmen: BOS puppy with an brilliant critique

Congratulations to Connie :-) also new photos, thank you Alyn :-)

News from Kon Tiki av Vikholmen

Congratulations to Sari and her Love Love Love av Vikholmen who was Best Puppy of the Year

in North Belgians She had 4 results in puppy class: 1 x BIG3, 3 x BOB, 1 x BOS



Legacy av Vikholmens critique is out :-) He was BOS at his first show in the UK, congratulations to Dyllis and Gary :-)

Congratulations to Joao Pedro Oliveira Martins with Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen

with another title and BOB and CAC twice this weekend ! she was Porto Winner 2014 -!!!!

Sooo proud of all of you - Congratulations!  Groenendael – of the year in Norway- show

1 :   C.I.E. N DK UCH JWW-10 DKV-11 NORDV-11 NV-11 NV-13 FINV-13 HELV-13 Dustin Dream Av Vikholmen (g)
3  :  NUCH NBFK W-13 Girl Power Av Vikholmen (g)
5  :  Cute Black Cannibal Z Kovarny (g)
10:  DKJV-12 Jersey Girl Av Vikholmen
19:  Jackpot Av Vikholmen
20:  NJV-13 Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen

Obidience level I:

3: Jackpot av Vikholmen !!


DCH Daring Devil av Vikholmen was BOB in the US ! Congratulations to Pat !


Love Song av Vikholmen  "Koko" - winning CC and Best of Breed, and BEST MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP

at Darling Downs Kennel Club Championship Show under judge Mrs P Suhr (NSW)


First show of the year for a Vikholmen dog, and Tarja and her Hamlet (Mission Impossible av Vikholmen)

was BOB - Honour prize - BIG - and BIS3 at a puppy show in Sweden :-)  Congratulations Tarja!

New pictures also  :-)


Some updates here and there :-) Soooon more :-)