Legacy  av Vikholmen

owner: Dyllis and Gary Knight - England

Born: 14.04.2013


CH. pE, s.r.
Storm de Bruine Buck
Otomne de la Douce Plaine
 Elite A  R.e. Kim de Bruine Buck
DuCh p.E  s.r.Ancor de Bruine Buck Ch. Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule
Elite B Ginger de Bruine Buck

NUCH DKCH NORDIC W-12 ClubW-12 French Touch du Bois du Tot

Urghen de la Douce Plaine Re JASON de la Douce Plaine
ONE BLACK Night de la Douce Plaine
HJCH EUJCH Adeline de Montmirail Zsimba des Terres Bergères
Vega Nat du Chemin des Sorcières

Legacy shows

03.04.2016 BSDA open show GB - judge: Tracey Gray and BIS judge Mary Groove: Limit dog, Best dog BOB and BIS2 !!
11.03.2016 Crufts: winner of limit dog

Puppy shows

2014.04.07 Special show in GB - judge Sopgie Jouannet : BOB and BIS puppy !!
2014-.05.03 2nd best puppy Crufts :-)
2014. 03.03 So very proud of my baby today at Oxford CS, Sherpa won BOB and BPIB then he got GP 3 and Puppy GP 1 he is shattered now fast asleep you did good today kid.
Dec 2013: BOS puppy :-)

Sherpa's critique from his first Champ Show in December, judge Babs Robinson (Xanova)

7 mths in profuse black coat, square in body, excellent bone and substance, good reach of neck, lovely wedged shaped head, flat skull with good stop, lovely dark eye giving a lovely expression, excellent character just needs to settle on the move.

11 weeks - (I really do not want to sit here.....)

9 weeks :-)

Nuch  Dkch ClubW-12 NordicW-12  

French Touch du Bois du Tot

Hips AA - Elbows 00 -

Approved Mentaltest - secure for shot

NuCh  DkCh R.H. Neo


Hips AA - Elbows 00 - Eyes Clear

Approved Mentaltest - secure for shot