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This will be our T2-litter - hopefully born  February 10th - to new homes week 14

C.I.E. Norwegian Champion Danish Champion JWW-2010  - DKW-11,15  NW-11  NW- 13 Nordic W-11 - Helsinki W-13 - Finnish W-13

 Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

Hips: A A- Elbows 00 - Eyes clear

Danish  Champion & Norwegian Champion            NBFK-Winner 2009 - BISS-09 FMBB VW-2014 p.E.     Norwegian Winner 2010 EDS VW-2015,

Luavjan's Bono The One.

Hips BB - Elbows AA/00  - Mentaltest

Dustin and Bono

We decided to have one last litter with Dustin before she turns eight next year.

Her previous litters (she has had three before ) has done very well in

both show and sports. They are exported to Canada, Finland, USA and Portugal.

The male we chose is one we have used once before with excellent results with our M2-litter.

He is imported from Italy (Luavjans) by Nadjarah's and is now almost 11 years old.

He has an superb character and is a very nice type of belgian.

We think that this combination will be perfect :-)

Puppies pedigree:
NBFK-Winner 2009 BISS-09 FMBB VW-2014 p.E.
Danish & Norwegian Champion Norwegian Winner 2010      EDS VW-2015

Luavjan's Bono The One.

HD BB - ED 00


Tango dell'Alta Via (t)

Master Blaster de Condivicnum (t) Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups (t)
I Kiss You de Condivicnum (t)
Origami dell'Alta Via (g) Jason de la Douce Plaine (gl)
Huelva (g)

s.r. Udine du Perigord Vert (g)

Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule (t) Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups (t)
Flika du Bois du Tot (t)
Jipsiane du Perigord Vert (g) Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule (g)
Betsy du Perigord Vert (g)
 C.I.E. INTCH NUCH DKCH JWW-2010 DKW-11 NW-11 Nordic W-11 BISS x 5 Crufts qualified 2012-2014 2.best at Crufts 2013

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen 61,5cm

HD AA - ED 00 - Eyes Clear

N.E.Club Winner -07

Victory De Condivicnum HD AA

Dutch Lux Fr Ger Champion Elite A Bundessieger-04 S.r.

Bentho ibn Greco de Bruine Buck 

r.e. Greco de la Grande Lande
Elite A R.e.  Kim de Bruine Buck
S.r. Palmyre de la Tangi Morgane  Elite A Master-Blaster de Condivicnum
S.r. Linka des Corons d'Ancenis
Nuch Dkch NBFK W-08 KBHV-08  SV-07 NV-07 SV-09 FINV-09

A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie

HD AA ED 00 - Eyes Clear

Holl CH. p.E

Brendo De Bruine Buck HD AA

s.r. CH  Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule
Elite B Ginger de Bruine Buck HD AB
BISS  SV-05 SV-06

A-Te-Ell's Madame Sibelle HD AA ED 00

NUch DKUch s.r. LP POLch POLW-00 EUW-00 EUjW-99 Greco Comme un Reve Noir
s.r. RA Bsg-00 Chili van't Belgisch Schoon


Luavjans Bono The One

is born 08.05.2006. Breeder: Pietro Bottagisio, Italy. Kennel Luavjan's

     Owners: Kennel Breakpoint & Kennel Nadjarah.

Compl. scissorbite. Hips (B) & elbows (A) free,

Social test+  p.E. select (for breeding) 25th of May 2008.

TAN & C.S.A.U. France 29th of August 2008.


Dustin Dream av Vikholmen - Luavjans Bono The One (Speciality show in Hemsedal )

Luavjans Bono The One

Luavjans Bono The One - Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen