11.07 2010 Oulu (Fin) judge Jose Vidal, Portugal Excellent - BOS  Cacib  CAC!

Good type, head and expression. Correct front. Good chest, topline and angulations. Good proportioned body. Good tail. Good character. Good mover.

20.02 2010 Tuusniemi (Fin) judge Elena Ruskovaara - Excellent 1.Junior - CAC Best Male BOB

Excellent type. Very friendly male. Excellent lines, proportions and coat. Excellent quality in head. Beautiful eyes and ears. Enough neck. Good prescribed carried tail and good angulations.
Excellent healthy siderunning.

12.12.2009 Helsinki Winner Dog Show judge: Bente Harlem, Norway
Excellent - Finish Junior Winner 2009 - 2.best male - res.CAC (69 entries)

15months. Good scissors bite. Good size. Good length of head with parallel lines. Dark almond eyes. Well set medium sized ears. Good neck. Short body but croup a bit long. Well angulated in the rear. Too stiff in the front. Good bones and feet. Excellent coat texture. Moves very well from the side.

13.12.2009 Helsinki Nordic Winner Dog Show judge: Norman Deschuymere, Belgium

Long head. Slide away from back of the skull. Dark eyes. Medium ears. Moderate neck. Slightly curved back. Chest should be deeper. Moderate angulation. Light bone. When moving elbows are slightly out. T

JunClass, VG

Kannus 09.05.2009 judge Anita Alatalo, Finland:  BOB-puppy with Honour Prize.

8 month old posture and elegant male with excellent proportions. Excellent head, good ears, excellent neck and back. Excellent chest. The beautifully limbs and angulations with strong bone. Beautiful paws. Excellent pigment. Good coat. Pleasant behavior. Occurs and presented very well. 

 25.04 .2009 Vasa int. Show - Judge Jeff Luscott 1BHK - BOB - Honour Prize puppy  

 Good overall balance. Harmonic loin. Beautiful head and ear set, good        

 mouth split, dark eye. Not yet quite setled on the move.

19.04.2009 Finland OUTOKUMPU Judge Leni Finne  1 BHK - BOB - Honour Prize  puppy 

Correct measurement. Correct bones. Correct lines on head. Good throat, eyes and ears. Flat in front. Little short shoulder. Good chest. Little steep pelvis. Good back angulations.

18.04.2009 Finland Kajaani - Judge Lena Danker F 1BHK - BOB - Honour Prize puppy  

8 month old male puppy with good posture and excellent measures in the body. Good lines in the head. Good bite. Beautiful expression. Excellent ears. Good angulations. Good bones. Beautiful profile in side view. Driving movements. Good quality coat. Good character.