07-09-2014 NBFK Stybrovka: Excellent - CC - 2.best in open class -
27.05.2013 NBFK Pauline Koning Stern Hanf : Excellent–CC–best junior – BOB junior – BIS junior

(BIS Breeders class)

16 months, correct scissor bite – lovely bitch but presently out of coat. Medium long feminine head with beautiful eyes, excellent stop, and parallels nice set and carried ears. Excellent muzzle, lovely neck, short back, balanced angulation. Chest has to develop a bit. Stands nicely in her square. Bitch with a lot of harmony. Nice edge of movement, shows quality and no faults ex her coat. Lovely bitch. (

26.05.2013 NBFK Willemine van Deyl : Excellent and winner of junior class. (BIS breeders class)

16 months, excellent type. Typical female, well-constructed coat, but not really in condition. Female with lot of type, excellent silhouette, typical head. Good scissor bite, good parallels and stop. Excellent dark eyes, high carried ears, good pigments. Excellent neck and short body. Enough chest for her age, good croup and tail. Shows nice attitude, good bones and feet. ()

20.01.2012 SFHK: judge:Leslie Hiltz:  Excellent - CAC - BOB !!
11.11.2012. NKK INt: Excellent 1JKK Norwegian Junior Winner 2012

Puppy shows

03.08.2012 HP - BOB - BIG4