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Maleza Pacific Rose - HD AA

Pedigree for Maleza Pacific Rose

Maleza Mystic Man on the Moon Attention Please Crubow's Proper Pilot Pelido International Affair
Amalie Orange Blossom
Crubow's River Dance Frobisher Freelansing Amalie
Crubow's May Day
La Vida's Kind O' Keen Kesaragis Above Any Illusion Sweetmint's Carpet Knights
Great Lake's Beatrice Born Alone
La Vida's Daily Delight Crubow's Kissing Bandit
All or Nothing
Maleza Good Gooly Miss Molly Markenfield's Bardolino Boy Markenfield's Asti Spumante Sogno Del Narciso With Pelido
Steldave's Touch of Eleganse at Mar
Elvaston Sweet Martini for Markenfiled Sogno Del Narciso With Pelido
Elvaston Kristal Diva
La Vida's Eccentric Edition La Vida's Y Not Gordon La Vida's Raisin D'etre
La Vida's The Soft Sex
Paliando's Happy Ending Tri Lynnfield
La Vida's BluevGeordie Girl
Name Gender Hips Eyes teeth Testicles Other
Camipato's Beautiful Prince M   Free   2  
Camipato's Black Boy M   minCRD   2  
Camipato's Black Beauty F AA min CRD      

2 tricolor jenter + 1 sobel hann