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Import from Holland

Born: 28.03.2007 HD:A/B AA: 0/0 Norwegian Champion Norwegian Winner-09

Photo : Heidi Storm 2009

Nuch NW-09 Xantos du Bâton Tiroir

fřdt 28.03 2007 - Hips A/B - Elbows A/A   Complete scissorbite


owner: Vikholmen and Ostretunet,  Hege  Solberg

6 x res.CC - 3 x CAC -  BOS -  BOB / 2 BIS junior.


Italian Champion

 Scudo di Torre d'Arese


RE Ch. Gourou du Crepuscule des loups RE Ch. Ares du Bois du Tot
Esy du Crepuscule des Loups
s.r. Orma di Torre d'Arese Champion. Jet Set des Perles Noires
Laila dell'Alta Via
Dutch & Lux. Champ., pE, S.R., Winster -06, Bundessieger -06

Ivy Cleo du Bâton Tiroir

W.’00, BDSSG.’00, DTS.,LUX., VDH.CH.S.R., ELITE A Champ.    Boetsch de Bruine Buck

ELITE B Greco de la Grande Lande

ELITE B Nozem de Bruine Buck

JW.’97, S.R., ELITE A

Cleopatra-Macy v. Lana’s Hof

NT, CHAMP., ELITE A, pW, S.R., JW.’96, IPO III  T'Sisco van de Hoge Laer

WW.’96, DTS. CHAMP., VDH.CH. Champ.            Macy-Kim van Lana’s Hof

Offspring/Avkom  Sibling  More pictures

Xantos is a real darling - he is very easy to live with - no stress in him at all. My kind of male :-)

He never barks at other dogs, he is the kindest dog I have ever met - I just love him :-) 


28.11 2009 NKK int.Show Judge: Sonny Strřm

Excellent 1CHK 1CHKK res.CC Best male - CACIB BOS  NORWEGIAN WINNER 2009

Champion male. Excellent type with good proportions. Well schisseled head with nice details. Good lenght. Beautiful eyes and well set ears. Excellent neck and back. Suficcient chest. Excellent bones and paws. Standing correct. Good drive. Good angulation. Good coat and colour. Needs some ringtraining

02.08 2009 NTH Nesbyen - judge ....   

Excellent Best male res. CC and BOB !!!!!

31.05.2009 NBFK Speciality Show - judge Benoit Thevenon:

Excellent 1AK 1AKK res CC 2BHK CAC Norwegian Champion!!!!

Complete scissorbite Excellent long head, nice expression. Excelletn scull and muzzle. Stop just marked. Excellent eyes in shape and coulour. Excellent ears - very well carried. Very good angulations. Excellent proportions and topline. Very good croup. Excellent chest. Good bones. Correct chest. Very good back angulation. Very good movement.

30.05.2009 NBFK Speciality Show judge Bente Harlem

Excellent 1AK 1AKK res.CC 2BHK CAC !!!!!!

2 years, Complete scissorbite. Excellent type. Elegant, good lenght of head with good par. Beautiful expression, good split, black eyes. wellplaced little ears. Good neck, good proportions. Good angulations back -a little steep in front. Good bonestructure, good feet. Excellent structure of coat. Good movement.

10.05.2008, NBFK Speciality show -  judge Anne Marie Lipscombe:

1st juniormale, res. CC - CAC, BOB & 2nd BIS junior + BOS!!!

09.02.2008 ŘEV Club -  judge Lynne Brand:

"Excellent type. Beautiful elegance, correct head proportions. Excellent earsit and carriage. Good neck. Excellent forequarters. Excellent balanced. Excellent croup. Excellent hindquarterts. Excellent tail. Excellent movement. Needs more ringtraining."

Results: Best Junior with Honour prize!!!

Nuch Nw-09 Xantos du Baton Tiroir

Xantos parents :

Mother: Dutch & Lux. Champ., pE, S.R., Winster -06, Bundessieger -06 Ivy Cleo du Bâton Tiroir   

Father: Italian Champion SCUDO DI TORRE D'ARESE  (Photos from the breeders)


Both photos of puppies is taken by Tom Rozen

Father left / Mother right


It. Champion Scudo di Torre d'Arese

Scudo Photo: Torre d'Arese